This Week's Pile of Shame - Week Ending 23rd December 2016

The idea of a pile of shame is that it shrinks, not grows - so as one game got satisfyingly polished off (The Last Guardian) I succumbed to buying a cheapo copy of Titanfall 2 in a sort of "one in, one out" deal.

Oh well, so much for self control. So this week's pile of shame remains...

Titanfall 2 (new entry) - A big clanky shooter with big clanky mechs.

Battlefield One - Not touched since last week. Oh dear.

Tomb Raider - Not touched since last week either. Not doing well am I?

Dishonoured 2 - Not even installed let alone touched! Bad dad!

Overwatch - Been dipping in and out of this one. I love it but it's a very easy game to get lost to when you could be completing a single player campaign of something else

Forza Horizon 2 - Again been dipping in and out of this one, and have completely forgotten about Forza Horizon 3. Bad bad bad!


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